I have been collecting Stereo Slides for about 25 years and have bought some of the Best Stereo Slides that have Ever Been Taken or Seen. I have decided to Share My Collection of Hundreds of Fatastic Old Stereo Images with People. I Have Scanned Each Slide, Cropped, Color Enhanced and Spot Removed Problem Areas, to Bring You the Nicest Image Possible. If You Could Have Seen the Slides ( Before ) I Started to Clean them up and Compare Them to Where they are Now with these scans, You Would Appreciate The Time and Effort it Has Taken to Make Them This Nice. I've Created a Large Single Image and Also a Smaller Stereo Image of Each Slide to Help You See it. These Images are NOT available Anywhere Else....I own the Copyrights to these images and They are Not to Be Reproduced in any form or made for re-sale. The Slides You Receive Will Not Have Any Lines or Text on Them.

These are Stereoview Cards for Your Stereoscope Viewer. The Size is 5 by 7 and will be on a nice gloss stock. I Have Printed Up Hundreds of these Stereo Cards and they Look Great in the Old Stereo Viewers. Place a regular old stereo card in first ( I like the ones with a slight curve - Keystone ones ) and then put this Stereo Card in front of it...just push a little on the top center area, and it will snap into place against the old card for perfect viewing.....You might have to bend the pins on each side just a bit.....I do this and it is Fantastic. My Family and Friends LOVE Looking and enjoying these (NEVER SEEN BEFORE) Old and Classic 3D Images.

The Card will have a space at the top and also a space at the bottom so you can place the cards in and out of the viewer without putting your fingers on the image itself......These Card Images are Not Inkjet Copies from a Home Printer, but are a Beautiful Laser Photo Product.

The Price of These Rare Stereoview Images are $6.99 for One, $5.99 Each for Two Cards or $5.00 Each for 3 or More Cards, Plus $3.95 Shipping (Regardless of the Amount of Cards Purchased.

To View, You Have to Look at the Center of the Two Images and Slowly Cross Your Eyes until you See Three Images........The Image in the Center will be in 3D. If you need some practice, draw two Dime Size dots on a piece of paper about 1 inch apart...Now Hold out the paper in front of You and look at the center Between the Two Dots and slowly begin to cross your eyes...The two dots will become 3 dots..........Now Do ( the same thing ) With the two side by side pictures.............Another great way to do this is to hold your finger about 10 inches away from the middle of your nose and let your eyes focus on your finger ( make sure your finger is Also in the middle of the two pictures ( Note: Pictures on Your Monitor should be about 2 feet away From Where You Sit ), then once you focus on your finger, remove your finger to the side (leave your eyes in the same focus position as if your finger was still there and then look at the middle of the two photos........It Should be in 3D












IMFORMATION ABOUT MAKING A PURCHASE: If You are Just Buying One Stereoview Card From This Section, Please Click on $6.99 Button......If You are Buying Two Stereocards, Please Click on $11.98 Button.......If You are Buying 3 or More Stereocards From this Section, Please Click on $5.00 Each Button and ( PUT THE AMOUNT OF STEREOVIEWS IN BOX ). After Payment with Paypal, Please Email Century Images at rbphotos@xmission.com and Let Us Know Which Numbers You are Buying. We Will Also Email You After the Purchase to Get These Numbers From You. Shipping on Package Will Be $3.95 Regardless of the Amount of Stereocards You Purchase.

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The Following Video Clip is a Logo that I Make for People........It Takes 7 Hours to render it on my computer and I charge $29 to make one.......You can have any name or words on the three lines........This is Not part of the Stereo 3d Presentation........If You might be interested in having one made, Please Contact Century Images at rbphotos@xmission.com