These are 3D Photos I've taken with Two Digital Cameras. I Take the Majority of My Stereo Pictures in Hyperstereo because of the Awesome Effect. This Hyperstereo 3D Can Not be taken with the New Panasonic or Fuji 3d cameras, because You have to Separate the two cameras to get this Stereo Image ....I have a separation from 2 to 3 feet on most of my hyperstereo photography. I've taken Thousands of Stereo Shots in the Last several years and have decided to share them with People. The cost of these Stereo Images are $2.50 each (If You Buy 10 or More ),or under 10 Stereo Images are $3.50....Shipping is $3.95 ( Regardless ) of Amount of Stereoview Slides, and I consider this to be a great bargin price for what these Stereo Images are...... For alot of People, It would be hard to be able to find the perfect subject, take the perfect shot and make all of the adjustments, gas and time for traveling etc. all for the amount I'm offering these Stereo Images for.......This collection is not just a bunch of so so photos I put together to sell, These are Among the Best and Most Interesting and Best 3D Images I have in my Personal Collection. These Images have been Taken by Me and are Copyrighted and are NOT to be reproduced for re-sale or put in any publications without written Permission by Me.

As You can see by the small stereo images, these are really nice images....I'm a professional 3d Photographer and I'm proud of the Images I take.

If You're like Me, I get tired of the old Stereoviews that are for sale on ebay and on the internet....It's Time for Some New 3D Images...There are so many Beautiful Places and Subjects that would look Great in 3D and Years Ago I started taking my own and often print them into Stereoview Cards to View with my Old Stereoscope.....They Look Fantastic !

The Size of These Stereoview Cards are 5 by 7 Inches Including Space at Top and Bottom of Image. There is Space at the Top of the Slide where You can Put the Stereoview Into the Viewer area and Remove the Stereoview ( Without ) Putting Finger Prints On The Image area. I use an Old Stereoview Curved Cardboard Mount in the Viewer and Place This New Stereoview on top of the Old Card and Push a Little on the New Card Backwards, and it Snaps into Perfect Place. These Stereoviews are Not Printed on an Inkjet Printer, but Are Laser Printed by a Professional Lab on a Great Gloss Card Stock. To View These Stereo Image Samples, You Have to Look at the Center of the Two Images and Slowly Cross Your Eyes until you See Three Images........The Image in the Center will be in 3D. If you need some practice, draw two Dime Size dots on a piece of paper about 1 inch apart...Now Hold out the paper in front of You and look at the center Between the Two Dots and slowly begin to cross your eyes...The two dots will become 3 dots..........Now Do ( the same thing ) With the two side by side pictures.............Another great way to do this is to hold your finger about 10 inches away from the middle of your nose and let your eyes focus on your finger ( make sure your finger is Also in the middle of the two pictures ( Note: Pictures on Your Monitor should be about 2 to 2 1/2 feet away From Where You Sit ), then once you focus on your finger, remove your finger to the side (leave your eyes in the same focus position as if your finger was still there and then look at the middle of the two photos........It Should be in 3D............ It's really easy and ( ALOT OF FUN ) once you get the hang of it.


























This is a Larger View of one of these Fantastic Stereo Views. The Collection of Stereo Views You receive Will Not have Any text or Black Bars on them....Just Pure Beautiful Stereo Images.

IMFORMATION ABOUT PURCHASE AND CHECKOUT. If You are Buying Less than 10 of These Stereoview Images then Click the $3.50 Each Button. When You Arrive at Checkout, Put in the Number of Cards You are Buying.....Put The Item Number of Cards You are Buying in the Note Area, or After Payment is Made, Please Email Us at and Let us Know which Numbers You are Buying, or We Will contact You after the Purchase and Get this Information From You. If You Purchase 10 or More Stereoview Cards, Then Click on the $2.50 Each Button.

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